Schooltakt is an LMS (learning management system) service that can be used in a classroom setting with smart devices. The optimal setting for our service is to have one device for every student. You can upload teaching materials as pdf files, observe and analyse students' learning progress in "real time," and create collaborative environments where students can share ideas and learn from each other. Since it works on any web browser, the type of smart device you use-iPads, PCs, MacBooks, smartphones-doesn't matter.
※ Currently, patent pending.

日本e-Learning大賞 2016
日本e-Learning大賞 2021
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Innovate learning to build a world where anyone can live freely

By updating “learning” to meet the generation, we aspire to create a world where individuals nurture their identity, develop their aptitude, and live freely.


Create a learning sphere that raises each individual's abilities

Through the power of ICT, we support individual exploration, collaborative learning, the act of reflection. From this, we aspire to create a collaborative learning environment where everyone can freely and reciprocatively accept each other.


Goto Masaki / Representative Director CEO

Conductor / Mitou Super Creator / Educational Psychologist

Graduate of the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Conducting Research Institute of the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. During his time in graduate school, Masaki Goto taught at Yoyogi Seminar and participated in mathematics textbook development at NPO corporation FTEXT.
Following his employment at Cybozu and Best Teacher, he became the CEO of codeTakt, project manager of Leading Educational System Demonstration Project by The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, director of Studylab, and board member of Japan Society of Digital Textbook. Under Keio University’s guest professor Takeshi Natsuno, he attained certification as IPA(Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan)’s Mitou Super Creator and won the e-Learning Award. He also serves as the conductor at Ryuku Philharmonic Orchestra, Naha Junior Orchestra, Allegretto Symphony Orchestra.

Takafumi Asano / VPoP & VPoE

After starting programming during his junior high years, Takafumi Asano developed ChatterBot in C programming language. He worked on network construction at SoftBank BB (currently SoftBank Corp.), then later independently studied computer networks and computer science. His experiences include working at a major telecommunications company and information technology services company with a focus on telecommunications, project management, and system planning in the financial sector. After serving as CTO at STEADY and engineering director at ZUU, he became VPoP/VPoE at codeTakt.

Makoto Sasaki / Director

Began a career at an accounting firm and later served as a director in a diversified business corporation involved in transportation, food and beverage, and healthcare. Also held the position of head of the administration department in an educational business company within a listed corporate group, followed by leadership roles in the management departments of various small to medium-sized businesses. In 2019, he joined codeTakt. Specializes in IPOs and M&A at venture companies, as well as financial management tasks in listed companies.


company name codeTakt Inc.
Establishment January 2015
Representative Representative Director Masaki Goto
location Room b, Oba bldg. A 2F 28-4, Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150−0044, Japan
phone number +(81) 03-4446-5014 (JPN)


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