Schooltakt is a LMS (learning management system) service that can be used in a classroom setting with smart devices. The optimal setting for our service is to have one device for every student. You can upload teaching materials as pdf files, observe and analyse students' learning progress in "real time," and create collaborative environments where students can share ideas and learn from each other. Since it works on any web browser, the type of smart device you use-iPads, PCs, MacBooks, smartphones-doesn't matter.
※ Currently, patent pending.

Adopted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as leading education system Currently over 30,000 active users

13th Japan e-Learning Award : EdTech Special Division Award

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To explore a new way of education and the arts through IT and to nurture sensibility and the power to live.

y seamlessly connecting teachers with IT, achieve an environment where students can actively learn and be self-motivated. By connecting a teacher and IT smoothly, we want to achieve an environment in which students engage and actively learn.
To also create an environment where people-both the performer and the audience-can engage and actively listen through the fusion of music and media arts.

Work Style

To work for the moment when you felt “that was the most fun time of my entire life.”

Our company Codetakt believes that contributions to society through work (activities outside the home) as well as contributions to home and personal, emotional well-being (activities for the inner) are both important and should be enriched. A lot of companies require and stress the development and growth of their employees. This is important but oftentimes, employees who look back in their past “growth” mention how boring, tiring, regretful, they were in deciding their paths. We believe this should not be the result of growth through our company. Our ideal work style and space should be where people feel they are working towards their “most exciting and memorable time of my life” by setting their goals and tasks and actively pursuing them.

To respect diverse work styles

Since Codetakt is still a fledgling company, there is more to be done to our system in the near future. But our utmost rule is to “connect through online”. So our workplace is free and flexible. Our offices include our head office, co-working space, home, Okinawa, and many more.

By avoiding daily crowded commute and weather-affected transit, we encourage our team to make most of their time, space, and life by working wherever and whenever.



Our company is fairly new (established in January of 2015), but we have already begun working with Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Education, conduct joint projects with SoftBank commerce & service, supply OEM provisions to Classi, and provide direct services to public education (which is deemed as a difficult market to enter for startups). Such partnerships and joint services in rapid growth are our strengths. We are currently planning to extend our services and products to overseas institutions and customers by 2017.


Goto, our chief representative, is also the conductor of professional orchestras. He also creates and develops new ways to reinvent musical performances and concerts. Not only does he focus on system development, but also directly host musical productions as a conductor.


Our company consists of top-class ICT technicians in Japan, and they are also experts in the field of education. Ishida, one of our programmers for system development, has a winning track record in a number of programming contests including the U-20 Programming Contest Grand Prize.
In addition, Goto, our representative, is one of the few technicians who have been certified as the “unexplored Super Creator” by the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA), the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. He is also the project manager for the leading education system demonstration project by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, officer for the Japanese digital textbooks Society, advisor for Fukushima prefecture shinchi Board of Education of ICT Council, and is also the education practitioners who serve the Kyoto Prefecture Qingming high school hearing conference committee.



Openings Web engineers
Job description

schoolTakt you will be involved in the development of our own products, which was started (school tact) (Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Node.js, such as Vue.js).

Be involved with English conversation and English learning apps, educational institutions for communications application, IoT, orchestra IT tool of using such sensor device, and other interactive educational products and services. May be involved in other work and activities depending on the applicant’s skill set
Our mission is to make a more fun and convenient world through education and music.

Qualifications Required

  • prior experience working as a Web engineer
  • Developer experience in Ruby · JavaScript · HTML · CSS
  • Developer experience in the framework of the Ruby on Rails
  • Developer experience using the Git with several people
  • Business level of Japanese language fluency

we welcome who have prior

  • Commit experience in OSS or similar
  • experiences in developing iOS · Android
Looking for
  • who is self-propelled
  • who does not only develops software and is limited to engineering but also contributes solutions and ideas for problems and issue
  • who knows the needs and issues of the users and is aware of the values of these services to our users
  • who enjoys working in a team and enjoys communicating with users and other team members
Development environments
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • RSpec
  • Node.js(
  • React
  • Vue.js
  • Heroku, AWS(EC2, S3)
  • GitHub, Slack(Skype)
Employment status Permanent employees, outsourcing, interns
Working arrangements Remote work (working hours is negotiable)
※ consult us if you would like to work in an office setting
Salaries and employment conditions Negotiable

If you wish to apply, please attach your resume/CV and email us to the address below.
We welcome any questions or consultation before applying so please feel free to contact us.


company name Codetakt Co. Ltd.
Establishment January 2015
Representative Representative Director Masaki Goto
location Room b, Oba bldg. A 2F 28-4, Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150−0044, Japan
phone number +(81) 03-4446-5014 (JPN)


For inquiries, please contact us at the address below. One of our staffs will get in touch with you shortly.